Innovation rarely happens in a vacuum. It usually starts with an individual brave enough to contribute an idea and a team inspired enough to make it great. This blog provides a forum for all Centrons to contribute ideas, make suggestions, ask questions and inspire others. There are no boundaries. To participate, all you need is the desire to build great products.

Welcome to the Centro Tech Blog!

This blog is the result of a collaborative effort amongst everyone on Centro’s engineering, product development, and design teams. The minds behind the machines. The method behind the madness.

As part of Centro Product Development, we come to work every day to find smart solutions for complex industry problems. Together, we’re creating amazing software. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things; about the software we’re developing, the fragmented industry we work in, and the business strategies that push our work to market. This blog documents our findings so that other Centrons, and product developers everywhere, can take this ride with us.

Eager to continue learning and sharing, we will deliver posts on a monthly basis written by the real product developers working on Centro products. Each post will offer insights, best practices, humor, wisdom, and the occasional deep thought or two. Innovation rarely happens in a vacuum, so please contribute ideas, make suggestions, and ask questions. With the right team and tools, there are no boundaries to what we can achieve.

Thanks for reading. More coming soon.